Advice Centers: Career

No matter where you currently are in your career or which options or ambitions you wish to pursue in the future, the JGU has a wide range of advisory and career development guidance to help.

The Career Service (in German) is open to all students, doctoral candidates and graduates of the JGU. Whether you are thinking about doing a doctorate, considering the options available after graduation or looking to find a career outside academia, the Career Service is ready with help and advice.

The project Career Perspectives for Postdocs has been specially created to cater for the needs of advanced doctoral and of postdoctoral students and offers information, workshops and personal advice. The aim of the project is to provide support for young academics in making important career choices and in the development of their professional profiles. The En route to research programme offers additional opportunities to postdoctoral students aiming for a career in academia and keen to increase their qualifications.

The Young Female Researchers Program (ProWeWin) is aimed specifically at young female scholars (advanced doctoral and postdoctoral students) and provides tailor-made workshops, advice and skills training.