General terms and conditions of business with respect to courses and events of the Gutenberg Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHS)

1. Scope

These general terms and conditions of business (GTC) apply to all courses and events organised by the Gutenberg Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences. GSHS members as well as external participants are included within the scope of application.


2. Registration procedure

Registration for courses or events takes place online via the GSHS continuing education portal. After GSHS has reviewed the admission requirements stated in the course or event description and has processed the registration, GSHS will dispatch an acknowledgement of receipt.

In addition to membership status and the temporal sequence of registration, pedagogical criteria may be used to allocate available places for a course or event.

Registrants will receive timely notice before the commencement of the course or event whether or not their registration was successful. Those successful registrants will receive a binding confirmation of registration as well as additional information, which is necessary for participation in the course or event.

We kindly request that registrants inform us immediately if for unanticipated reasons a registrant is unable to attend a course or event, so that the available spot may be given to someone else. Fee-based courses or events are subject to cancellation terms and conditions (cf. 4 below).

GSHS reserves the right to block a person's admission to future courses or events for a limited period of time after there has been repeated unexcused absences, cancellations at very short notice (less than five working days before the start of the course or event) without good reason, or other breaches of these general terms and conditions.


3. Conditions for staging courses or events

3.1 A minimum number of participants is generally required for a course or event to take place. If this threshold number is not reached, GSHS reserves the right to cancel the course or event after the registration deadline.

3.2 In case of short-term cancellations by lecturers or force majeure, GSHS reserves the right to conduct the course or event using another lecturer or on another date or in exceptional cases to cancel it entirely. Participants shall have no further recourse.


4. Fee-based courses and events and cancellation terms and conditions

Courses and events are generally free of charge, unless otherwise stated in the course or event description.

If a course or event is subject to fees, the specific payment and cancellation terms and conditions will be set out in the respective advertisement or registration confirmation.


5. Course or event materials

5.1 Seminar materials (handouts, presentations and other materials provided to participants during our courses or events) are copyright protected and may not be reproduced or used commercially in any way without the written consent of the respective lecturer.

5.2 Participants are granted the simple right, which is unlimited in time and territorial scope, to use seminar materials that are provided to them for the intended purpose of their own further education and qualification.

5.3 Participants may make a backup copy of seminar materials that have been supplied as hardcopies. Reproductions going beyond this are not permitted.

5.4 If seminar materials are supplied to participants in electronic form, participants may duplicate them to the extent that this is technically necessary to open and display the materials. Moreover, a backup copy of seminar materials, which have been supplied in electronic form, may be made and printed out.  Any further duplication is not permissible.


6. Image, sound and video recordings

The production of image, sound and video recordings is only permitted with the prior consent of the respective lecturer and all persons participating in the course or event, whereby copyrights, personality rights and data protection and privacy issues must be taken into account. Image, sound and video recordings made subsequent to consent may only be used for the purpose of personal documentation. Any other use - especially public use - is not permitted.


7. Confidentiality

Our courses and events take place in a private and confidential setting, where a wide range of professional and sometimes personal issues are discussed openly. Any information shared by participants or lecturers during our courses or events - especially those of a personal nature - must be treated confidentially and may not be disclosed to any third party.


***Please note that only the German version of the General terms and conditions is legally binding. The English version is for information purposes only.***