A Broad Spectrum

As one of the largest and most diverse universities in Germany, the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz offers a particularly broad spectrum of humanities and social science disciplines with a strong research profile. The GSHS reflects this broad approach and offers a range of options to young researchers in the faculties of Catholic and Protestant Theology (Faculty 01), Social Sciences, Media and Sport (Faculty 02), Law, Management and Economics (Faculty 03), Philosophy and Philology (Faculty 05), Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies (Faculty 06), History and Cultural Studies (Faculty 07) as well as to all those pursuing degree courses at the Mainz School of Music or the Mainz Academy of Arts. The range of GSHS options is also open to students from other JGU faculties whose studies include major humanities or social science components, e.g. History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine in Faculty 04, Human or Cultural Geography in Faculty 09 or Anthropology in Faculty 10.
An overview of the outstanding research projects at the JGU Mainz is available here.