Service for Supervisors

The GSHS places great value on the establishment of a close working relationship with the supervisors in the humanities and social sciences of the JGU.

A central part of the GSHS remit is to advise doctoral students in all non-subject-related matters, especially those not adequately covered by the existing JGU advisory services. Doctoral students often find themselves in need of guidance/counselling in areas that go beyond the purely academic. In such instances we can provide our members with low-threshold and confidential advisory assistance that can open up new perspectives while complementing the academic support of the supervisors. Where required, we can also refer members to more specialised advice centres. Our aim is always to support our doctoral students by helping them to take as much responsibility for themselves as possible, thus contributing to the goals and objectives associated with the attainment of a doctorate in the humanities and social sciences.

Of course, you are also very welcome to contact us (confidentially, if you prefer) should you have any questions relating to the supervision and qualification of your doctoral students.

In cooperation with the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers and JGU Human Resources Development we also offer information and interchange formats for supervisors.

In collaboration with the Research and Technology Transfer Department the GSHS also supports joint research projects involved in the humanities and social sciences in applying for and implementing structured measures to promote the qualification of young researchers. We are happy to advise you on the planning of suitable qualification opportunities for your doctoral students and to assist in the development of joint proposals.