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The Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz offers a comprehensive range of information, advice, skills training and funding opportunities for young researchers – from the preparatory phase of your doctorate through to the postdoctoral stage. In collaboration with our partner institutions, we at the GSHS are thoroughly committed to providing a needs-oriented and easily accessible variety of services for young scholars in all qualification phases. We will keep you informed about all relevant offers and opportunities from our partner institutions and coordinate the various offers with one another.


Target group: Academics at all career stages

Information and advice on research funding opportunities, technology transfer, business start-ups and research data management

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Target group: Doctoral students

Skills and training programme for all doctoral students aimed at fostering key interdisciplinary research and academic skills for both the academic and the non-academic job market, providing insights into other areas of research culture, developing networking opportunities and encouraging the exchange of information and ideas among doctoral students.

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Target group: (Young-) Scientists

The Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB) examines the causes and consequences of demographic change and has the task of advising the Federal Government and the Federal Ministries on the basis of scientific research and to inform the general public. Academic research at the institute is independent and beyond party politics. Within the framework of the basic research, the BiB also carries out its own surveys. The research focuses on the three research areas "Family and Fertility", "Migration and Mobility" and "Demographic Change and Longevity" as well as the research group "Education and Human Potential". The JGU and the BiB cooperate regarding research and teaching, including for several years with the Faculty 02: Sociology. In addition, the director of the BiB was appointed to a professorship at the Faculty 03: Law and Economics.

Target group: Students and young researchers

Includes individualised tips and advice on writing, and a variety of workshops offered in cooperation with the General Postgraduate Program along with guidance on academic work for students and doctoral candidates.

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Target group: Students, graduates and young researchers

Offering advice, coaching and events on career planning and job applications, as well as workshops on key skills development and establishing business contacts.

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Interdisciplinary Research project funded through the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s area studies program (2021-2024)

How do digital technologies transform cultural production and distribution in new urban centers of global culture in West Africa and East Asia, and how does cultural production reshape our notions of cultural and political space in the process? Addressing this question, CEDITRAA aims at a methodological integration of social and cultural sciences and integrates competencies and resources at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz within the framework of the Rhein-Main-Universitätsverbund (RMU).

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Hediger, Professor of Film Studies, Institute for Theater -, Film - and Media Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt: hediger@tfm.uni-frankfurt.de

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Target group: Doctoral students
Doctoral College in the Humanities, Culture and Social Sciences Mainz-Dijon, open to all doctoral students in the humanities, culture and social sciences at JGU, structured program, interdisciplinary exchange, mobility grants for research and work stays throughout France, regular Franco-German events.
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Project duration April 2021 – March 2026
The joint project DiCi-Hub, funded by the VW Foundation as part of the initiative “Weltwissen - Strukturelle Stärkung kleiner Fächer” (World Knowledge - Structural Strengthening of Small Disciplines), addresses the challenge of digital tools and methods in film and media studies. The project brings together the three universities of Marburg, Mainz and Frankfurt to develop new conceptual foundations and methods for the discipline.
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Target group: (PhD) students and employees of JGU

Information and advice on combining family and career, administration and development of new measures to promote the compatibility of family and career at JGU, scholarship and emergency fund for (PhD) students with family responsibilities.

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Target group: researchers, lecturers, students and administrative staff of all FORTHEM partner universities

A joint project of the FORTHEM Alliance, funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020). Partner universities are Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Université de Bourgogne in France, Jyväskylän yliopisto in Finland, Uniwersytet Opolski in Poland, Università degli Studi di Palermo in Italy, Latvijas Universitāte in Latvia and Universitat de València in Spain. Initiation of transformation processes at the partner institutions that will enable close cooperation in the areas of research and innovation in the long term. (FIT) FORTHEM provides opportunities for participation in international expert groups and professional skills enhancement activities. Launched on January 01, 2021, FIT FORTHEM has a total duration of three years.

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Target group: doctoral students and artists

Providing special advisory and financial assistance for selected, outstanding doctoral students and young artists to encourage and assist them in their academic and artistic careers.

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Target group: University administration, faculties and institutes at the JGU (advice and concept development) and Young researchers and artists (via the information portal)

Advising decision-makers at the JGU on strategic issues relating to the promotion of young researchers; developing and raising awareness of funding opportunities e.g., on the information portal for young researchers and artists,

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Target group: Lecturers

Includes individual teaching advice, collegial and individual teaching internships, collegial coaching, a project on "Networking Teaching Ideas", an examination workshop, advice on teaching with writing, training in the teaching of academic skills and research methods through the campus-wide Writing Center, teaching support for the introduction of blended learning techniques in courses, university teacher training and the Rhineland-Palatinate Certificate of University Education of the Hochschulevaluierungsverbund Südwest (Evaluation Association of Higher Education Institutes) (in German).

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Target group: Professors and (Post-)doctoral students

The Research Unit IPP connects scientists from the fields of economics, business administration, computer science, political science, sociology, communication studies, psychology and medicine to better understand individual and institutional decision-making. In addition to numerous research projects and activities, we regularly offer workshops as wells as summer schools on various methodological and content-related research topics. Junior researchers can present in our bi-weekly Young researchers forum. More information: https://ipp-mainz.uni-mainz.de/about-us/.

Target group: Students, doctoral candidates, employees and lecturers at the JGU, who...

  • have come from abroad to the JGU and are studying, doing a doctorate, teaching, researching, or completing or planning a further education stay.
  • wish to complete a stay abroad (study, internship, research, teaching or further education) as part of their studies towards a degree, doctorate, or work at the JGU.

Welcome Center for international PhD students and scholars

Gutenberg International School for international students and doctoral candidates on exchange programmes

Information on stays abroad and funding opportunities for students, doctoral candidates (in German), employees and lecturers at the JGU

FORTHEM European University Alliance (in German)

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Target group: (doctoral) students, researchers at all qualification levels 
Consultation and training on literature research and literature acquisition; consultation and training on working with historical sources of the Middle Ages and the (early) modern period; consultation and training on digital databases and applications for historical sources and digital editions; internship opportunities by individual arrangement.
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DFG-GRK 2279 (2017-2026) – 36 PhD positions, two post-doc positions

What happens to moving images, and with it to cinema studies as a field of research, when they leave the cinema and start moving across a multitude of venues and platforms? The DFG Research Training Group 2279 "Configurations of Film" is investigating this double question, both object-related and epistemological or methodological, during the funding period 2017-2026. Over a period of nine years more than thirty Phd researchers and post-doc researchers provide answers to these questions with a series of in-depth case studies.

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Hediger, hediger@tfm.uni-frankfurt.de

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Special Postgraduate Research Group (Minigraduiertenkolleg) in the fields of art education, school education and social education

The Postgraduate Research Group examines practices and materials in higher education courses aimed at challenging discrimination. It also studies attitudes and development processes among students with regard to various categories of difference and their intersectional interrelations. Methodological and conceptual approaches generate reconstructive processes, in particular discourse analysis, representational critique, ethnography and intersectional analyses.

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Target group: JGU employees

Extensive further education programme, including specific training for research-based occupations, university and research management and advice on further education and professional development

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Target group: Young female researchers in the later stages of their doctorate and female postdoctoral students

Workshops, advice and coaching, Christine de Pizan Mentoring-Programm for female scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

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Target group: Students, lecturers and researchers at all qualification levels

Encourages good academic and research practice, prevention of misconduct, provides advice, toolbox for students and lecturers, workshops, instruction and e-learning

A comprehensive overview can be found here (in German).

Target group: All employees and students of the university (including enrolled doctoral students)

Courses and online counselling on various issues, e.g. writing problems, exam anxiety counselling and short-term psychotherapy.

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Target group: Gründungsinteressierte Studierende, Absolvent*innen und (Nachwuchs-)Wissenschaftler*innen

Information and advice on how to start up a business, and support in applying for funding.

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Target group: All university library users

Provision of literature, working spaces and information as well as courses on such topics as academic integrity, literature research, reference management, accessing digital publications, research data, support for open access publications (in German), source and archive material.

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Target group: Academics at all qualification levels in the field of school, education and higher education research

Subjects involved: educational science, teaching methodology / teacher training, sociology, psychology, business education, occupational, social and environmental medicine.

Pooling of the expertise at the JGU, strategic networking, encouragement of academic exchange and profile building.

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