Advanced Skills and Qualifications for Young Researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The GSHS aims to provide its members with the best possible preparation for the accomplishment of their doctorates and beyond. We offer our members opportunities to gain further skills and qualifications and maintain a constant supply of updated information on our News page and in our Newsletter on all offers from our partners at the JGU.

If you have any questions to help you make the right choices for you, or to find out where you can get the qualifications most beneficial to your academic aims or professional future – as a GSHS member, you can simply contact our advisory service. What’s more, an initial consultation for prospective doctoral studies candidates is available, regardless of membership.

To make things easier we have arranged our offers and services and those of our partners into different areas of skills and qualifications. Further information can be found here.

Current options for further skills and qualifications from the GSHS or our partners can be found on our News page.


Access to a selection of interesting qualification opportunities on offer in the Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) network is also available to members of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.

The range of qualifaction opportunities offered by GRADE, the Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers and open to JGU members can be found here.

Further options for JGU members are available from Ingenium, the Graduate Organisation of the TU Darmstadt, which can be found here.