General Information on PhD Studies

FAQs on Doctoral Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Whether you are already engaged in a doctoral studies programme or considering doing so, there will be many questions you will want to have answered, especially in the early stages. Making a conscious effort to address these questions at the start can really help get you off on the right foot and give you an early advantage on the road to a successful doctoral project.

Below you will find lots of information, tips and advice on doctoral studies in the humanities and social sciences. A good starting point with plenty of useful links is the portal for Young Researchers and Artists of the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers. There are also several specialised JGU Advice Centres to help you with particular questions.

Regardless of whether or not you are already a GSHS member, you are welcome to take advantage of our Guidance and Advisory Services for prospective doctoral candidates. Simply make an appointment via the GSHS office.


Starting your doctorate: