Short Stays Abroad

for (Prospective) Doctoral Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences

A condition for the application is the GSHS membership with active status. The application for GSHS membership can also be submitted in parallel with the application for the "Short stays abroad for doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences” programme. However, applications for funding can only be considered once all necessary membership documentation has been submitted (in some cases, the supervision agreement may be submitted at a later date).

Objective of the funding initiative is to assist the development of cooperation between (prospective) doctoral students and suitable academics abroad, and to increase the international compatibility of dissertation projects through methods acquired abroad or through additional material (archival records, museum research, acquisition of new methods). In addition, support is to be provided for doctoral researchers who need to travel abroad for purposes of data collection.

Eligibility provisions
Funding is available for:

  • Research in archives and museums
  • Cooperation with suitable academics abroad with experience of the doctoral project field
  • Acquisition of new methods/practices through the respective research groups
  • Participation in conferences, congresses, symposia, summer schools etc., provided candidate is not giving a lecture or poster presentation
  • Data acquisition or fieldwork activities

Funding amount

Expenses amounting to a maximum of €750 euros (e.g. for train tickets and accommodation) can be claimed for a short stay. For flight costs this can be increased to a maximum of €1,000 depending on the destination, though the DAAD travel allowance rates applicable to the respective country must not be exceeded.

Costs for meals are not covered.


GSHS members whose doctoral project will demonstrably and sustainably benefit from the desired stay abroad are eligible to apply. Only one application per year is permitted. Students from a DFG research training group are not eligible to apply.

Award criteria

The following award criteria are relevant:

  • Necessity of stay abroad for the doctoral project
  • Suitability of the selected country or institution

Once all documents have been checked, applicants will be informed of the funding decision via email. Reimbursement will be made in accordance with the current Rhineland-Palatinate Travel Allowance Guidelines (in German). Please also refer to the Invoicing Guidelines for Short Stays Abroad.

Funding is only available upon application and candidates should be aware that the funding budget is limited. There is no legal entitlement to funding. As a rule, applications must be submitted at least four weeks in advance. No retrospective applications can be considered.

The application process

Please submit your application in electronic form (email to using the reference “Short Stay Application”.

The following documentation/information must be submitted:

  • A description of the doctoral project and the planned research stay abroad (max. 1 ½ to 2 pages)
    • giving reasons why the stay abroad is necessary
    • stating the country and institution of destination along with reasons for choice
  • The planned duration of stay
  • Statement from main supervisor indicating the importance of the stay abroad for the doctoral project
  • Summary of expected costs
  • A signed declaration stating that the funds applied for have neither already been provided by an alternative funding body nor applied for from such a body
  • Where a stay at an institution, or cooperation with academics experienced in the study field is required, it is necessary to submit:
    • Names of the contact persons or cooperation partners at the institution
    • An informal confirmation from the institution of available job opportunities, of access to the research infrastructure, involvement in working groups or similar.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Final report

A short final report is to be submitted, using the relevant form, no later than six weeks after return. Consent must be given for publication of a brief summary of the research stay on the GSHS website.