Information for Supervisors

Membership of the GSHS is open to all advanced students and graduates interested in doing a doctorate (junior membership), doctoral students (full membership) and postdocs (senior membership).


Full membership is open to all registered doctoral candidates pursuing a doctoral degree in the humanities or social sciences.

Junior membership is open to advanced students and graduates who are interested in pursuing a doctorate. It requires a recommendation by a JGU lecturing supervisor. For persons applying for a research proposal scholarship, no separate application for junior membership is required.

The introduction of a senior membership for postdocs is currently in planning.


GSHS membership requires the submission of a written supervision agreement between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor. Preparation of a supervision agreement allows both parties to reflect upon the supervisory relationship and thus contributes to the quality assurance of the doctoral studies programme.

If no supervision agreement has been concluded, it can be submitted within a maximum of six months from the time of admission.

Nomination of a second supervisor and enrolment as a doctoral student are not requirements, though both are recommended.

Membership of the GSHS is voluntary and does not normally entail any obligations, however it is expected that members will actively participate in what is on offer. Which offers are taken up, and to what extent, is however completely up to the individual. In cases where funding (e.g. scholarships) are being claimed, fulfilment of certain conditions (such as attendance of relevant courses, events, or preparation of a final report) may be required.

The GSHS provides certificates of attendance for all courses. Block certificates may also be issued on request when the member leaves the GSHS.