About Us

Why a Graduate School for humanities and social sciences at the JGU?

There are already several institution-wide services at the Johannes Gutenberg University offering information and advice on funding as well as continuing education opportunities for young researchers (more information here). Nevertheless, there is a need for doctoral candidates in the humanities and social sciences  in particular to have additional facilities geared to the needs of their respective faculty cultures, which will allow them to look beyond the immediate requirements of their theses and to acquire additional qualifications for their later professional lives, either within or beyond academia. The need for a greater degree of integration within the humanities and social sciences is especially important due to the relatively high amount of solitary study involved. In such circumstances, informal exchange and networking with other young researchers and opportunities to place one’s own research topic within a broader context and background are all the more important.

The GSHS is a central institution of the Johannes Gutenberg University committed to the sustainable promotion and support of young researchers in the humanities and social sciences, including law and economics. By focusing on the special interests and needs of this target group, we help to create the best possible environment for the successful preparation and completion of a doctorate on a humanities or social sciences topic. Through dialogue with the various faculties involved, we are committed to ensuring that doctorates are subject to continuous and transparent quality assurance. We aim to build upon the skills and initiative of our prospective and current doctoral and post-doctoral researchers through our advisory services, our range of courses and funding opportunities, both on an individual basis and in coordination with other university institutions.

Goals, responsibilities, and guiding values

A good doctorate in the humanities or social sciences opens doors to a whole variety of interesting and challenging jobs in academia, business and beyond. In addition to the professional qualifications and academic curiosity acquired during study, a high degree of organizational skill, responsibility and self-discipline is crucial to a successful outcome. It is important to the GSHS that our doctoral candidates optimize their skills to help them achieve the best possible qualifications from their studies.  To this end, we make a point of going beyond purely functional advice on degree qualifications and study skills. Our programme aims to foster academic learning processes crucial to a successful doctorate, to stimulate methodological reflection and broaden academic horizons. The GSHS also has a practical approach when it comes to promoting equality, diversity, international networking and the acquisition of intercultural skills.

In addition, the GSHS advises and supports research networks in the humanities and social sciences in applying for and implementing structured programmes aimed at encouraging the flow of young qualified researchers.

By ensuring the quality of doctoral theses, promoting diversity and equal opportunities, and making a decisive contribution to the profile of the JGU, the GSHS contributes significantly to the JGU's long-term goals.

Full membership of the GSHS is open to all doctoral students in the field of humanities and social sciences at the JGU. Membership is voluntary and free of obligation.

We regularly advertise both junior and senior memberships for qualified graduates interested in taking up doctoral studies as well as for post-doctoral candidates.