Applying for Junior Membership (prospective doctoral candidates)

To help candidates make the transition from graduate to doctoral studies, the GSHS offers highly motivated and qualified graduates as well as advanced students (from any university), the opportunity to apply for GSHS junior membership. So even before they receive formal acceptance as a doctoral candidate by a faculty, school or academy of JGU, young researchers can enjoy the benefits of junior membership and ensure optimal preparation for the doctoral phase of their studies by accessing the wide range of services offered by the GSHS.

Junior membership lasts one year. It will end earlier if you are accepted/registered/enrolled as a doctoral student during that period. In particular circumstances (e.g., illness or family responsibilities) an extension beyond this one year maximum may be granted.

Once you have been accepted as a doctoral candidate at the JGU (including cotutelle programmes) you can apply for full GSHS membership.

If you are accepted/registered/enrolled at another university but continue to be involved in teaching or research at the JGU, you may find a GSHS guest membership of interest.

If you have already submitted an application for a research proposal scholarship, or are preparing to do so, a separate application for junior membership is not required.

You may apply for junior membership if, at the time of applying, you

  • already hold a degree qualification that entitles you to pursue a doctoral studies programme (e. g. a master’s degree) or you are already in at least your fourth semester of a master’s degree course – for other degree programmes, you will need to provide proof  of comparability of academic level
  • can provide an informal reference from a JGU lecturer recommending you for GSHS junior membership (an email from the person concerned to the GSHS office will suffice). If you are neither a current nor a former student of the JGU, your recommendation must come from someone authorised to supervise doctoral students at the JGU (professor, assistant professor, lecturer or other person with supervisory authority)

To apply for junior membership, just complete and submit the application form. In addition, we require a recommendation from a JGU lecturer (see above) along with proof of your current study status (certificate, transcript of records or similar).