Applying for Junior Membership (prospective doctoral candidates)

To help candidates make the transition from graduate to doctoral studies, the GSHS offers highly motivated and qualified graduates (from any university) as well as advanced JGU students, the opportunity to apply for GSHS junior membership. So even before they receive formal acceptance as a doctoral candidate by a faculty, school or academy of JGU, young researchers can enjoy the benefits of junior membership and ensure optimal preparation for the doctoral phase of their studies by accessing the wide range of services offered by the GSHS.

Junior membership lasts one year. It will end earlier if you are accepted/registered/enrolled as a doctoral student during that period. In particular circumstances (e.g., illness or family responsibilities) an extension beyond this one year maximum may be granted.

Once you have been accepted as a doctoral candidate at the JGU (including cotutelle programmes) you can apply for full GSHS membership.

If you are accepted/registered/enrolled at another university but continue to be involved in teaching or research at the JGU, you may find a GSHS guest membership of interest.

Junior membership is currently only awarded in conjunction with anĀ research proposal scholarship.