Enrolling as a doctoral student

We recommend that all full members of the GSHS enrol as doctoral students. Prior payment of the semester fee is necessary for this, though in some cases students may qualify for a reduced rate (see “Semesterticket” (regional transport pass)). A host of other advantages also come with doctoral registration:

Extended insurance cover

As a registered doctoral candidate, you are only legally insured against accidents that occur when you are on university property. When enrolled as a doctoral student, you are also covered by statutory accident insurance on your way to and from university.

Advice and support

As an enrolled doctoral student, you have access to a broad range of JGU advisory and support services including the following:

Mental Health Services for Students

The JGU’s Mental Health Services for Students offers expert psychotherapeutic counselling provision to all enrolled (doctoral) students to help them cope with any psychological issues arising during their graduate or doctoral studies programmes or in their everyday lives. A broad range of services are offered including short-term assistance in acute crisis situations, targeted diagnostics to identify problems, counselling and short-term psychotherapy. There are special consultation hours for learning and performance difficulties, special courses on common mental health issues, and an open self-help-oriented online course on “Overcoming Examination Anxiety Online” (PBO) (in German) as well as online counselling for exam anxiety and writing problems. Further information and contact details can be found here.

 General Student Committee (AStA)

Enrolment as a JGU doctoral student brings entitlement to financial support, cultural events and opportunities, legal advice and much more, open to all students.

Student Services (Studierendenwerk)

The Studierendenwerk offers a wide variety of services for both home and overseas doctoral students. These include the Buddy Programme, which gives enrolled home and overseas doctoral students the chance to meet others sharing their own interests or age group by providing opportunities to meet in a mutually supportive environment. This interdisciplinary exchange helps develop participants’ social skills and encourages them get to know both the local area and the wider region.

An important part of the welcome programme for enrolled visiting (doctoral) students is the Fremde werden Freunde (Foreigners become Friends) programme. This involves local families, including working people and senior citizens, volunteering to support visiting (doctoral) students. It provides students with an ideal way of getting to know the country and “normal” life well away from the university environment.

For (doctoral) students registered at a German address and enrolled at the JGU, the Studierendenwerk offers advice and assistance in cases of financial emergency as well as KfW student loans. See here for further information.

Semester ticket, library card, refectory card and key card

After enrolment and payment of the semester fee, doctoral students are entitled to a Semester ticket. This allows use of local transport (IC Inter City and ICE Inter City Express trains excluded)  within a certain area in and around Mainz.
Should a semester ticket not be required, a partial refund can be applied for.

Once payment of the semester fee has been made, enrolled doctoral students are also entitled to a student card and library card. The refectory card entitles all enrolled doctoral students to discounted meals in the student refectories and cafeterias on campus. The library card enables books to be borrowed from all campus libraries as well as on interlibrary loan.

Matriculated doctoral students also receive a residence permit for the halls of residence administered by the Studierendenwerk

Should you wish to stay in a residence hall, you can apply for your preferred type of accommodation using the online form. Doctoral students who have not yet enrolled may also apply in advance for a place in a hall of residence but must submit their certificate of enrolment to the Studierendenwerk within six months at the latest. Enrolled (doctoral) students have priority in the allocation of places in halls of residence.


Once enrolled, doctoral students have the right to discounted prices on JGU sports courses (in German). These are offered every semester.

Subsidiary German and other language courses

Following enrolment doctoral students have the opportunity to participate in language courses at the International Preparatory and Language Center (ISSK).

Student prices and discounts

On presentation of their enrolment certificate, (doctoral) students will also have access to discounts on services from some private providers including cinemas and theatres.

Participation in university committees

All enrolled (doctoral) students have active and passive voting rights in the “(doctoral) students” committee. Doctoral students employed at the JGU have the alternative option of becoming members of the “staff” committee.

The amendment to the Rhineland Palatinate Higher Education Act created doctoral student representation for the first time for all registered doctoral students at a university. The doctoral student representatives at JGU are elected by all registered doctoral students and have an advisory function in the university senate and on various other committees.


Some scholarship providers require recipients to be enrolled as doctoral students. Further information on this can be obtained from the respective scholarship providers.

Residency benefits (for international doctoral candidates)

The Welcome Center’s  JoGuGATE online platform is aimed specifically at helping doctoral students negotiate the challenges of arrival and residence in Mainz. There are lots of tips on the best way to prepare, and some useful advice on how to apply for a residence permit. Provided that the doctoral candidates are in possession of a visa or residence permit in accordance with paragraph 18 of the Residence Act, the Welcome Centre can make an appointment directly with the “Ausländerbehörde” (immigration office) in Mainz.

Day-care facilities

The Studierendenwerk offers enrolled (doctoral) students the opportunity to apply for on campus at three of the JGU day-care centres.


Provided they are either students, staff or have a teaching post, doctoral candidates may be eligible to apply for a funded exchange period abroad on the ERASMUS programme. Enrolment is required for participation in all student mobility programmes - in this case, registration as a doctoral student is not sufficient.

Mainz University Library open access services

As a member of staff or a registered (doctoral) student of the JGU or the medical faculty you can publish in the open access repository Gutenberg Open Science (in German) or apply for financial support from the Open Access Publication Fund (in German). Find out more on Mainz University Library’s open access services here (in German).

Enrolment as a doctoral student does not entitle you to the student rate for statutory or private health insurance. If you are not covered by an employer subject to social security contributions, or by your spouse, but are instead financed by a scholarship, through self-employment, by private funds etc., you must as a doctoral student – whether matriculated or not – expect to pay significantly more in health insurance contributions.