Choice of doctoral studies field

In order to make an application for acceptance as a doctoral student to a particular faculty, school or academy, you will need to specify a doctoral field and will require confirmation of supervision from a supervisor with the requisite authority in your chosen field.

If applying for a GSHS Research Proposal Scholarship you must also indicate a doctoral studies field that is available at JGU. In many cases, the choice of supervisor and doctoral field will be straightforward and dictated by your previous qualifications and your topic.

For potential doctoral candidates from another university or college, perhaps abroad, the question likely to arise is: in what fields or subject areas is it possible to do a doctorate at the JGU? A list of doctoral studies fields at JGU can be found in the individual doctoral regulations (in German). The admission requirements for the individual subjects are also detailed there (e.g. relevant degree, specific language skills). You should also be aware that a supervisor’s authorisation is valid only for the subject/field that he/she represents. If you are planning to do a doctorate in a subject/field for which you do not hold a relevant master’s or equivalent degree, you will need to clarify in advance whether it is possible to be accepted as a doctoral candidate in this subject, and if so, what additional evidence may still need to be provided in order to prove equivalence with a relevant master’s degree.

Further information on all questions relating to doctoral studies admissions can be obtained from the dean's offices or rectorates.

If your doctoral project is relevant to several fields/subject areas, for example in the case of interdisciplinary projects, you may want to think about which disciplinary orientation would make most sense for your project (involving your potential supervisor or another academic you can confide in, may be a good idea).

The choice of your doctoral studies field is important as it will influence how your project is perceived by the research community you will become part of. Especially if you want to stay in academia, the choice of your doctoral field will also determine how your thesis topic, and thus your performance, will be perceived professionally as well as in the research community will be part of.