Advice Centers: International

Incomings: If you are you a foreign student with an interest in taking a doctorate or completing a research stay at the JGU, our Welcome Center for International Scholars is the best place to find the individual advice and support you will need. The online platform JoGuGATE has been specially created to cater for the requirements of doctoral students and provides a lot of useful information to help you quickly settle in and make the most of your stay in Mainz.

Outgoings: If you are studying /doing a PhD at the JGU and are interested in going abroad to attend a doctoral studies programme, do an internship, work as a foreign language assistant, or undertake research, our International Office will be happy to inform you on what is available and possible funding opportunities.

For academic and other JGU staff members a variety of other funding options are also available, which the International Office will be happy to advise you on.